• Avoiding in-store queues will keep Gen Z happy

    A recent study off 18-24-year olds shopping habits has revealed that 37% of ‘Gen Z’ hate queuing in-store, with 57% finding queuing for the fitting rooms equally frustrating.

    The study, sponsored by YouGov and commissioned by Cybertill, examined various topics such as in-store technology, click and collect, omnichannel shopping, experiential retailing and loyalty.

    86% of Gen Z voted the biggest frustration as an item marked as ‘in-stock’ online, only to find it not available when purchasing in-store. And, although 23% of those polled admitted to browsing and buying fashion online, 32% preferred to browse online and buy in-store, proving that bricks and mortar retail are still a major part of Gen Z’s shopping strategy.

    Another major turn-off for the younger generation was being approached by over-zealous shopping assistants, and although Gen Z were more interested in helping themselves, 70% said they found it frustrating when they can’t find a desired item in-store, on their own.

    Other important statistics revealed:

    • 49% of in-store fashion purchases are influenced by ecommerce
    • Only 18% said that VIP events would encourage them to sign up for loyalty schemes
    • 55% voted contactless payment to be the most valuable in-store tech, followed by self-stock check (38%)

    The study also revealed that most Gen Z consumers don’t have specific shopping channel preferences and shop across a mixture of online and in-store channels, with grocery shopping the exception.


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