• Black Friday excitement dipped in 2017

    A recent YouGov report has revealed that specific sales day events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw a slowdown of engagement in 2017 for the first time since 2014, when data was initially tracked.

    Some 20% of people polled said they had bought something online for themselves in 2016 and 19% had bought something as a gift; this fell to 18% and 17% respectively in 2017, indicating the fall in awareness matching the decrease in Black Friday purchases.

    68% of those who shopped during sales days in 2016 said they did so either at the same level or even less last time around, indicating a drop in the excitement over sales days.

    The data collected by the research suggests that better engagement with 18-24-year olds could be the key to renewed growth with sales days, with awareness coming from online promotion (61% compared to 50%) along with cinema (24% compared to 13%).

    More efficient delivery methods were also key to the long-term success of sales days. Data found that almost half of those interacting with sales days in 2017 encountered issues with the availability of items (28%) long delivery times (16%) or technical issues (10%).

    Inefficient delivery had the biggest year-on-year increase (5%).

    The report recommends emphasising the benefits of Click and Collect as a good opportunity for retailers to encourage shoppers to take advantage of sales day deals, with a focus on ‘budgeting’ and ‘ease of use’. However, data showed that 23% used Click and Collect as an option in 2017 compared to 80% of people who went for home delivery.


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