• GUEST BLOG: Affiliate Marketing – The marketing channel than can grow your business by 20%

    By Steve Bryant, Managing Director, ThoughtMix

    Affiliate Marketing and its landscape has changed rapidly over the last decade. Once a channel for unknown sources of traffic and black-hat click-bait, the sector has grown to a mainstream marketing channel for the major online retailers and new entrants alike, helping grow revenues for sum by up to 20%.

    The concept of affiliate marketing largely remains the same as a decade ago. A retailer joins an affiliate network and partners up with a selection of publishers (affiliates) to promote their brand on a commission-only basis. The rise of influencer marketing means affiliate marketing extends across to video influencers, social profiles and bloggers alike, creating another route to entry for retailers of all sizes to take advantage of a risk-free source of traffic and sales.

    As an affiliate management agency, ThoughtMix’s role is to manage the relationships between the retailer/advertiser and the publisher, using intelligence, expertise and experience to curate winning campaigns with some of the leading affiliates. Last year, the business drove advertisers more than £45m, from some 24,000 publishers.

    Retailers join ThoughtMix for instant access to an expert to drive their affiliate program forward, helping to grow exposure across a range of partners, and drive up revenues. Under ThoughtMix’s leadership, the average program grows a business by up to 20% once introduced to the marketing mix.

    Affiliate marketing is appropriate for nearly every type of retailer. From brands selling their collections online, to multi-brand retailers with large inventories. ThoughtMix has helped brands including Cox & Cox, Robert Dyas, Roman Originals and hundreds more grow their online affiliate marketing channel.

    If you’re looking at new ways to grow your site traffic and revenue – visit thoughtmix.co.uk to arrange a no-obligation consultation.


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