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  • GUEST BLOG: The case for Amazon Marketing Services

    By Ben Lipscombe, Head of Biddable Media, Red Hot Penny

    Consumers are moving away from search engines for product searches and turning to Amazon as a one-stop-shop.

    But instead of seeing Amazon as the enemy here are seven reasons why you should work WITH them and use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS):

    1. High conversion rates 

    Amazon searchers are incredibly likely to already have an Amazon account and will be shopping for a specific product. That means they’re unlikely to leave Amazon to buy the product elsewhere and more likely to convert.

    1. You only pay-per-click

    You have complete control. You set budgets, set boundaries, and only pay when shoppers click your ads.

    1. It’s cheaper

    Amazon Marketing Services are still quite new. That means less competition than channels like Google Shopping with lower ad/bid costs, better optimisation of what ads show for, more efficiency and greater ROAS.

    1. You can use the skills you’ve already got

    Although Amazon’s interface can take more time to manage than other platforms, many of the skills needed for success are transferable so the platform can easily integrate with your wider Paid Strategy.

    1. Paid Amazon ads get prioritized

    Like all other online channels, paid posts, products and ads have priority in newsfeeds. Paid AMS Ads will continue to gain more and more momentum in the coming years, and it’s a wave that businesses should be riding.

    1. More visibility

    If you advertise on AMS, your products will have significantly increased visibility. So, they’ll be getting more eyes on your products, more brand awareness, and more sales.

    1. Amazon is the new giant 

    Some might say Amazon detracts from the ecommerce industry. But the fact is, if you’re selling a product which is on Amazon and you’re not, it’ll be much harder to generate sales if you’re not present on Amazon and AMS.

    Ready for AMS?

    Like it or not, you may soon find yourself in a position where you will need to work with Amazon – either to spread bets and open up new channels, or to open up markets as a smaller brand. You should go for it and embrace what is a great channel for paid activity.

    This is a condensed version of a Red Hot Penny blog, the original can be found here:


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